All The Stars In The Sky

Four world-weary Lebanese-American grandchildren and spouses return to their Nana's historic Georgia house one summer, to help her move to an assisted living facility.

As they quickly discover, moving out is just as difficult as moving on. Each held back by failed or failing relationships, internal conflicts, and selfish squabbles, it takes Nana's wisdom and cunning to help her grandchildren reconnect and reassess their lives. The hint of a secret textiles fortune and the resurrection of a childhood game known as the Favorite Grandchild Competition, spur the family into action. But a Jewish caretaker and fellow competitor (at Nana's behest), threatens to unravel everything.

Amidst racial tensions and the selfish dilemmas brought on by competition and capitalism, ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY attempts to reveal the true wealth in life and common dreams we share. While this American experiment, built and sustained by immigrants, often feels like a house divided, under the same roof, we are in fact a home united.

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